Friday, October 14, 2011

Fenton Street Market - Tomorrow!

I'm very excited that tomorrow I will have my very own tent at the Fenton Street Market in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.  For more information on this event, go HERE.

On several Saturdays this summer, I shared a both with my good friend Cathy, who sells jewelry under the names "Dorothea Designs" and "Aurenta Atomica".  It was fun, except for the rather uncooperative weather on certain days.  Here is a photo of her booth full of wonderful jewelry (with a little soap section for me).

Hi, Cathy!

This is what my soap setup looked like on a different Saturday...

Those Snow Globe Soaps were the big hit of the summer for me!

But tomorrow, I will have my own booth, and will also be selling hats and horns, just in time for Halloween.  The weather man has promised me sunshine and pleasant temperatures.  Wish me luck!