Thursday, January 26, 2012

1.26.12 Scott Pilgrim WIP

I'm Mayor Goldie Wilson!

That is to say, progress is my middle name.

I keep all of the floss I need out of my kids' reach just in case. So I have to put down the Aida and go get a new color whenever I switch. On one of these trips, I ended up looking at my work from about 6 feet away. Without trying to wax my own car here, I was quite impressed with how the whole thing looks so far.

I've bumped into a slight problem when it comes to staying on the character I'm working on and avoiding the next one. They're kind of overlapping given the angle that they're at and dressed identically. So I might be accidentally moving on to part of the next guy without realizing it.

In any case, here's where we are now:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1.19.12 Scott Pilgrim WIP

I ran into an interesting stumbling block this week.

I'm out of black floss.

When I started the project and went and bought all the colors I needed, I didn't buy any black. I knew I was going to need a ton of it, but I already had some from previous projects. I figured even if I bought some, I'd still end up needing more and have to go back anyway. As it turns out, I went through what I had faster than expected.

As you can guess, there's an awful lot I can get accomplished without black floss, so we'll see how long I can go without running to the store for more. In the meantime, here's what my progress looks like now!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

1.14.12 Scott Pilgrim WIP

I just realized that I forgot to give you guys a progress shot this week! This is due to a temporary change in my work schedule. But we'll be back to normal now, so regularly scheduled updates will resume.

Now on to the update! I finished Trasha, so I've moved on to one of the two boys in Crash And The Boys. Here's where we are:

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Christmas Present - The Silhouette CAMEO Cutting Tool

The one thing on my Christmas list this year was this thing.  And my husband bought it for me, so there were no tears on Christmas morning.  (Actually Christmas Eve, because we are both horribly impatient people.)

Totally worth the money.  Especially if it's a present.

What does this thing do?  Well, it cuts things out.  It cuts paper and vinyl.  So I can make very cute paper things, and vinyl wall decals now.  And OH YEAH, it doesn't just cut pre-designed things, it also cuts out things that I design myself.

First thing I made, just to check out the design-your-own text feature, was some bookmarks.  The bookmark template came with the machine, and I just added my own text.

Horrible Cheesy Bookmarks

THEN, I wanted to play with the vinyl, so I remembered this XKCD strip...

And so I made this...

Hubby is totes going to stick this on his Tracker.

I am now waiting on an order for more colors of vinyl so I can make a Kabuki wall thingy for our bedroom and about a metric poop-ton of gears to go on the wall of the Steampunk Bathroom.  Eventually I hope to figure out how to cut my soap labels out with this thing so that will take less time, and I will be making my Christmas cards next year with it, so I think it will prove quite useful in the future!

WIP -Mounted Head

I decided that once the new year started, I would start a new project to keep me occupied until the wedding stuff kicked in. And I knew just what I wanted to make:

Mystical Creatures Mounted on Walls.

Firstly, because I like making wild looking things. (see: Shana's puppets)
Secondly, because it is a good exercise in mixed media.
Thirdly, it makes my mum shake her head at my morbid sense of humour.
And Lastly, I think there's a market for it.

Just think of all the Harry Potter fans who want a House Elf on their walls. Or just people with a sense of humour about hunting. So yeah. I may be making these and selling them on etsy.

Here is my first work in progress:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1.4.12 Scott Pilgrim WIP

As promised, here's my weekly update on my progress on my Scott Pilgrim project! I'm posting this update from the Blogger iPhone app, so I apologize if the formatting is weird!

All I have left to do on Trasha is her glove that's above her head, and then I'll move on to the next member of Crash & The Boys. I'm not sure I'll actually be able to identify which one it is, since this is their altered form.