Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Hate Our Dryer... I spray painted it! Well, if we're going to be honest, first, I used blue acrylic paint on it to fill in the hideous rust spots. Nice, eh? Our dryer has seen better days. I really wish I'd taken a "before" picture, so you could see the 1980s beauty of it all. Regardless, I have "after" pictures and we all know that's what you're really after.
Here's what you need to make your very own amazingly spray painted dryer and/or washer:

  1. A hideous washer and/or dryer. Or not so hideous. Whatever.
  2. Primer. I used Kilz spray primer because we have a theme going here. The theme is: Heather is lazy & just wanted to spray paint things today. See also: Kilz spray primer is THE BEST. The best. In case you missed it, Kilz spray primer is the best. #thebest
  3. Spray paint. I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Sun Yellow in Gloss. I like Krylon because it's a high quality paint. After used, it lasts a long time and sprays on smoothly. It also has the easiest nozzle to press down, so my arthritic fingers appreciate it.
  4. Contact paper. I used plain white contact paper so I could have a smooth base to spray paint. The stippled kind would be more difficult to get an even layer of spray paint laid out. 
If you're doing your spray painting outside or in a well ventilated area like a normal person, that's all you need. If you're like me and you like to do things crazily like, oh, I don't know... spray paint inside your laundry room, then you probably need some kind of tarp or covering. I used aluminum foil because it's moldable and I can just throw it out when I'm done. So! Getting down to business.

First, you need to tape off anything you don't want covered in a fine sheen of spray paint. Of course, we hope you're outside in the fresh air & not holed up in a tiny room where you're about to give yourself "Sun Yellow" boogers. Next, spray on your primer. Use light, even strokes when spraying and try to start and end off of the area you're working on so you don't end up with the blobs of paint at each point. Wait for this to dry. I suggest drinking whilst doing this. My personal choice of beverage today was Wild Turkey & Diet Dr. Pepper. But you know, drink what you want. 

Once the primer is dry, you may start spray painting with your color of choice. Again, use light, even strokes so you don't end up with disgusting blobs of paint everywhere. You also need to spray paint in the same direction. I usually use a left to right motion, then go right to left so as to eliminate any stripes. Wait for this to dry. While you're waiting, drink some more. Or you can start working on your contact paper polka dots. I chose to do both. Grab a sharpie & a saucer  you're not fond of and get to work marking out dots. And drinking. That's the important part. Drinking. Once you have a sufficient amount of dots and the spray paint is dry, start sticking on your dots in any pattern you feel would be appealing. I chose to do a pattern similar to dice. What can I say? I like symmetry. And Wild Turkey. Both of those things. 

At this point, you could do your other appliance the same or you could do an opposite effect. I chose the opposite effect. Mainly because of my first point when addressing the theme of the day. I'm lazy. So I spray painted the contact paper, made some dots, and started slapping those on the washer. Chuck got home before I could finish, so I'll probably finish it up on my next day off. What!? We always have a Ramsay marathon on Wednesdays of MasterChef & Hell's Kitchen. (GO KIMMIE & CHRISTINE!) Regardless, now we have an awesome splash of color in our tiny tiny laundry room and I can start on my next project: spray painting our kitchen table. Bam. Enjoy spray painting your appliances.

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! 

New projects!

With the nice weather now here, I'm more inclined to take my projects outside and work on them. I can get a tan and be creative at the same time. ^_^

Sorted through my multitudes of blank paintables and chose 2 to start on.

One of my good ol' standby paper mache hearts! 

I needed a certain "blue" and I think I got there with these three. A little hint: the  name of the color on the far left. ;)
 This project, when I finish it, may be a gift for someone, but I haven't decided yet.

I NEEDED to have this color. I knew I'd be using it for something down the road.

And, of course, i used it on one of my favorite things to paint.
The plan for the skull is another Day of the Dead type mask, but without all the bright colors. Thinking just black and white details. We'll see how it all works out.

Friday, June 22, 2012

6.22 Scott Pilgrim WIP

Work on Michael Comeau chugs along. His shirt is finished as is his right hand. Next up is filling in his left hand and then on to his head. I am going to have to figure out what to do with his left arm, as somehow the color pattern lost that part of the picture in translation.

On to the picture!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fenton Street Market, June 9th recap

A few Saturdays ago Jen of New Moon Pie set up shop in Silver Spring, Maryland, at the Fenton Street Market to sell some jewelry and soap.  It was a great day for an outdoor market!  Here are some pictures for your perusal.
Jen, selling some jewelry.  She is a master of branding.  I wish you could see her necklace here.  She actually cross-stitched a tiny piece of aida cloth and inserted it into a jewelry setting.  Most of her signs were also cross-stitched, and her logo was on all her packaging!
Some of Jen's jewelry.  She specializes in unique, classic jewelry.  Often she incorporates vintage pieces in her work.  If you look carefully here you can see a bracelet made with an antique pin near the mirror.
More beautiful jewelry.  Also that mirror is magic and makes anyone who looks into it more attractive.  Seriously, you should come try it some time.  Also please note the amazing flower arrangements Jen put together from a bouquet purchased from the adjacent Farmer's Market. 
Even Jen's jewelry displays are interesting.  Someone tried to buy the birdcage.

Oh, just some soap.
About midway through the day I decided (with the help of Twitter) that wearing my bunny ears couldn't hurt sales.

And if you need another inducement to come to the market, here are some mini donuts that are made on site.  They give them to you plain, and you can put cinnamon sugar or chocolate or frosting on them as you desire.  Fantastic.

 I believe we are going to try and do this again this summer, and if you're in the metro DC area, it's a great morning outing!

Friday, June 15, 2012

6.15 Scott Pilgrim WIP

8 busy days later means a new update for you!

Not much progress, but I did finish Michael Comeau's pants and started on his shirt.


UPDATE: Of course, as soon as I add one more row to what you see here, I realize that the dark purple vertical line on the left of Michael's shirt is missing a stitch. Which means I started the light purple cluster in his shirt one row too low.

Where's my seam ripper?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

6.7 Scott Pilgrim WIP

With Stephen Stills finished, I stitched in a small bunny looking thing and then moved to the left and started on Michael Comeau, beginning with his leg.

For those of you who are interested in anything else I blog about, you can check out my live blog of the 2012 NBA Draft Combine going on right now over at my Marquette blog, Anonymous Eagle!

Here's the picture!