Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bleeding Jell-O Heart

My favorite Halloween dessert is found in the pages of Penn & Teller's "How to Play With Your Food", and you should probably just go buy a copy right now because it is THAT GOOD.  If you don't want to spend money on what is arguably one of the coolest books ever made, that's fine, you can find the recipe here instead.

I made this heart with raspberry-flavored Jell-O, and it was the best-tasting one I've made so far.  But when you make this dessert, be prepared for the inevitable portion of your guest who will NOT eat it, no matter how many times you sing the jingle or say, "There's ALWAYS room for Jell-O!" maniacally.  

I would imagine this dessert would have even more of an impact at a non-Halloween event, such as a Mother's Day bruch, or a quiet dinner with an romantic partner you'd prefer to remove from your life.


We've hit a vein...

The wreckage

Add whipped cream, drizzle with more blood.