Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rainbow Layer Cake!

Two of my friends and I have birthdays in March, so we often have one joint party to celebrate.  This year we didn't do a fancy theme, but just went with a St. Patrick's Day party as it was actually on St. Patrick's Day, and because Cathy & Matt still had the decorations from the last time we did that.  I wanted to make a fun, non-fussy cake for the event.  Instead, I made this.

Taste the rainbow.
I got the basic how to here.  You can use a double batch any white cake recipe you like, but I just started with a two boxes of white cake mix because that's how I roll.  If you've done a layer cake before, this is a pretty easy dessert, but it requires a fair amount of counter space, and either multiple pans and ovens or lots of patience.

The icing is just the basic Wilton recipe with half of the vanilla extract swapped out for almond.  The filling is white chocolate almond.  This cake was so sweet your teeth fell out just looking at it.  If I ever do it again, I will probably use lemon curd as a filling to add a little tart to the sweet.

Two tools that facilitate making this cake (and any other cake)  are a cake lifter and a cake leveler.  It's certainly possible to make this cake without them, but for super-even layers and ease of handling, they're well worth the price.  Also the cake lifter works well for pizza, too.

Here are some progress pics...

Cake batter, separated into individual colors
Cooled cakes, stored in the oven so the cats didn't eat them
Torted and stacked cake
A crumb coat was necessary to hide the colors
Finished cake.  I wanted it to look as bland as possible.
Prepare to go into sugar shock from a slice this size.

And that's how you make a cake that will elicit OOOOHS and AAAHS from your unsuspecting guests.  Try it, won't you?