Thursday, April 12, 2012

Customized ornaments!

I've been slacking on being "crafty" with my working and all, so with my most recent trip back the coast, I decided I'd get geared up and get my painting on!!

I like buying blank/unfinished paper mache and I can go to town and get my creativity on. I made these for two amazing people. :)

You start with a blank ornament. Michael's is pretty much THE place to go around here for me to find any sort of craft supplies. They come in a few different shapes, but these were just good ol' circles.

A few coats of paint, red in this case, then it'll look like:
*this isn't MINE, just a pic I found, but you get the idea.*

Then found a font that was suitable for the lettering I needed, printed it off onto regular paper, fit it on top of the ornament after a few coats of paint and just traced over the letters to give an impression that I could use as an outline. I did this with some other details on the other side and proceeded to paint using the outlines as a guide.

I made these for the creators of the Sarcastic Voyage Podcast, Aalgar and Matt. So I took their logo and recreated it!


Both have the same frontside. The edge running around the circle is a charcoal color.

I duplicated the same process for the letters with the radio tower to personalize them. Matt's has his name in white.

I'm really happy with how they turned out as it was just an idea I had and I wondered if it was going to work. Even better, I got to hand deliver them to the guys at Emerald City Comic Con earlier this month. Getting to see the looks on their faces just made me feel so much better about my hard work. :)

*Big thanks to Aal for taking pictures of his so I could make this post! \m/ *