Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to make a Fancy Mask

So you have a costume ball coming up, and want to make a fabulous mask to wear?  Here's how to make one!

First, procure a plain mask.  Such as this.


If you want your mask to last a long time, your first step is to paint it with a primer made for plastic.  If you are impatient like me, you can just do a few coats of acrylic paint in your base color.  If you are making a lighter color mask, you will want to start with a white plastic mask.  I wanted mine to be dark brown, so I started with a black mask.

Next, paint on any design you want for your mask.  In this case I was trying to duplicate the pattern in the dress I was going to wear.


After you get your design done, give it one or two coats of clear acrylic.  This is supposed to be matte acrylic, but it looks a little glossy anyway.  The gloss coat I have would have been even shinier, though.  Decide what works best for the look you're going for.

NEXT, start adding the bling.  Go crazy with sparklies or feathers or anything else that catches your fancy.


Lastly you will want to either add some ribbon to tie on your mask, or a stick for a hand-held mask.

Here is me, making a very silly dress, in the mask and dress!

I was in a good mood, sue me.  ;p

See how easy it is to make a custom mask?  Now you try!  :)