Friday, January 6, 2012

My Christmas Present - The Silhouette CAMEO Cutting Tool

The one thing on my Christmas list this year was this thing.  And my husband bought it for me, so there were no tears on Christmas morning.  (Actually Christmas Eve, because we are both horribly impatient people.)

Totally worth the money.  Especially if it's a present.

What does this thing do?  Well, it cuts things out.  It cuts paper and vinyl.  So I can make very cute paper things, and vinyl wall decals now.  And OH YEAH, it doesn't just cut pre-designed things, it also cuts out things that I design myself.

First thing I made, just to check out the design-your-own text feature, was some bookmarks.  The bookmark template came with the machine, and I just added my own text.

Horrible Cheesy Bookmarks

THEN, I wanted to play with the vinyl, so I remembered this XKCD strip...

And so I made this...

Hubby is totes going to stick this on his Tracker.

I am now waiting on an order for more colors of vinyl so I can make a Kabuki wall thingy for our bedroom and about a metric poop-ton of gears to go on the wall of the Steampunk Bathroom.  Eventually I hope to figure out how to cut my soap labels out with this thing so that will take less time, and I will be making my Christmas cards next year with it, so I think it will prove quite useful in the future!