Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fenton Street Market, June 9th recap

A few Saturdays ago Jen of New Moon Pie set up shop in Silver Spring, Maryland, at the Fenton Street Market to sell some jewelry and soap.  It was a great day for an outdoor market!  Here are some pictures for your perusal.
Jen, selling some jewelry.  She is a master of branding.  I wish you could see her necklace here.  She actually cross-stitched a tiny piece of aida cloth and inserted it into a jewelry setting.  Most of her signs were also cross-stitched, and her logo was on all her packaging!
Some of Jen's jewelry.  She specializes in unique, classic jewelry.  Often she incorporates vintage pieces in her work.  If you look carefully here you can see a bracelet made with an antique pin near the mirror.
More beautiful jewelry.  Also that mirror is magic and makes anyone who looks into it more attractive.  Seriously, you should come try it some time.  Also please note the amazing flower arrangements Jen put together from a bouquet purchased from the adjacent Farmer's Market. 
Even Jen's jewelry displays are interesting.  Someone tried to buy the birdcage.

Oh, just some soap.
About midway through the day I decided (with the help of Twitter) that wearing my bunny ears couldn't hurt sales.

And if you need another inducement to come to the market, here are some mini donuts that are made on site.  They give them to you plain, and you can put cinnamon sugar or chocolate or frosting on them as you desire.  Fantastic.

 I believe we are going to try and do this again this summer, and if you're in the metro DC area, it's a great morning outing!