Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Felt Ornaments

I sent some felt ornaments out with my holiday cards this year.  These can also double as car air fresheners... just dab a little fragrance or essential oil on it!

This is a nice little project if you have a ton of felt lying around.  Like so.

Supplies needed:
      Thin cardboard
      Thread or embroidery floss
       Needle for above

Step 1:  Draw the shape you want on the thin cardboard, & cut out.  Make this shape a little smaller than you want your finished ornament to be.

Step 2:  Using the cardboard as a template, cut 2 pieces of felt.  One will be the front, and one will be the back.

Step 3:  If you have details to add, sew them on or stitch them in a contrasting color.  You can also glue things on, but I found that didn't work as well, probably because I didn't use felt glue.

Step 4:  Now it's time to sew the two big pieces together.  If you want your ornament to be stiff, sandwich your cardboard between the pieces of felt.  Carefully pin in place around the cardboard. Cut a nice long piece of thread.  Thread it on your needle, but don't knot it. Start at the top center of your ornament, and leave at least 4 inches of thread hanging loose.  Whip-stitch all the way around your ornament.  When you get back to the top, you can knot it with the beginning of the thread, then tie a knot up about 3 inches to create your hanging loop.  Trim so the ends are even.
And that's it.  Easy felt customized felt ornaments for your kooky friends!  :)