Tuesday, November 27, 2012

They Have a Cave Troll

We recently got a Lego Store in one of our area malls and it has been a disaster for our wallets (the husband wants a 4 foot Star Destroyer).  The kids have enjoyed going to the mini-kit build events (first Tuesday of every month) so back in July when I saw they would be doing a larger build event tied into the new Lord of the Rings sets, I signed the kids (and husband) up.  For answering trivia questions, the kids ended up scoring some cute stickers.  Rather than having them end up on random pieces of furniture, I got the idea for a project. 

You'll need stickers, scissors, and magnet paper.  Mod Podge and small children are optional.  I found the paper at my local Office Max because I was much too impatient to order it from the Internet, but it is cheaper when purchased online.  The magnet paper is meant to be put through your printer, but I just had the kids apply the stickers directly to it.  I had to go back and move some of the boy's stickers because they overlapping, but they enjoyed having some control over the project.

I was mildly concerned that it would be too easy for the stickers to peel off the magnet paper and since I didn't use all the Mod Podge in the bottle when I made the glitter shoes, I applied a top coat over the stickers.  The stickers were left to dry for two hours and then I used scissors to cut them from the magnet sheet.  I have little faith that the magnets will hold up anything other than themselves, but they are re-enacting the fight in the Mines of Moria on our magnetic dry erase calender.