Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bead Bazaar Buys...

I went to the The Bead Society of Greater Washington's latest Bead Bazaar last Sunday with my friend @aurenta, who makes really cool jewelry.  Got this stuff (and more).


In addition to some beads (obviously), I got lots and lots of findings at one booth because they had the nicer ear wires that I like, adorable little bead caps, and fancy head pins, all in just about every finish I like.  I only showed one color here, because I couldn't get them all nicely in one picture.

I also got some really cool "ribbon" made of recycled saris, which I'm hoping I can incorporate into some ribbon embroidery projects.  The vendor that had those also had some really neat enameled pieces (you might be able to see the tiny teal gear in the picture).  They also have all the supplies you need to enamel things yourself, which was very tempting, but I'm pretty sure I might get murdered* if I begin another type of craft.  

If you live in the Maryland/Metro DC area, I recommend checking out the next Bazaar.  You can usually get a coupon for discounted admission on their website.  

*given a disappointed look by my husband